The Las Vegas Sands Casino Is Environmentally Friendly

Going green is all the rage among people and businesses. A green lifestyle simply means cutting back, wasting less, and helping to sustain the planet. In business, it can also mean publicity and more customers. People love to support green businesses, after all, why not help support those who support the planet? The Las Vegas Sands casino is certainly a green business worth supporting. After they launched their ECO 360 program, the Las Vegas Sands is well on its way to being the greenest casino in Las Vegas.

With all of the competition, it is important to find a way to stand out from the crowd, however, to do so and help the environment simultaneously is certainly worthy of applause. You may wonder how the Sands is going green. Below are several of the factors that are leading the way in their green efforts.

The Installation Of Astro Turf

Astroturf is a strange substance. It looks like grass, but unlike grass, it does not need to be watered or maintained. Astroturf is an ideal solution for places like Las Vegas, Nevada where watering the grass would take quite a bit of water, which is why the Sand has replaced all of their lawns with AstroTurf.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs are a great way to save resources since they use less than half the electricity of a standard light bulb. Which can mean big savings in a place like a casino where the lights stay on 24 hours a day. However, the Las Vegas Sands went a step further and had light bulbs developed especially for their casino which is even more environmentally friendly than your standard CFL bulbs.

Solar Thermal Systems

The Las Vegas Sands features a beautiful and large pool. That pool will now be heated year-round by solar power. The company recently had large solar collectors installed which are designed to be the only heat source for the pool. Solar energy requires no use of resources.

If more casinos take notice of these changes and follow in suit, the amount of energy saved would be substantial, and this could quite literally be the best bonus the casinos offer.