An Overview Of The Casino Control Commission

The Casino Control Commission is a government regulatory body in the state of New Jersey. Founded in 1977, its primary function is to enforce the Casino Control Act and its associated regulations which instill public confidence in the gaming industry in Atlantic City. The commission also has the authority to grant new gaming licenses.

The Interior Of The Commission

The New Jersey Casino Control Commission is composed of five members who are appointed directly by the Governor of New Jersey with the input of the New Jersey Senate. The elected commissioners serve five-year terms and can only be removed from office for a justified reason. In order to keep the commission balanced, no three commissioners can represent the same political party.

One of the five commissioners is also appointed by the Governor to head the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA). Another commissioner may also be appointed to the CRDA as a replacement for the commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs or the Department of Commerce and Economic Development.

Current Commissioners

The current members of the Casino Control Commission include:

  • Chairwoman Linda M. Kassekert with a term ending in 2012
  • William T. Sommeling with the current term ending in 2010
  • Michael C. Epps with the current term ending in 2011
  • Sharon Anne Harrington with the current term ending in 2013
  • Edward J. Fanelle with the current term ending in 2014
  • Divisions Of The New Jersey Casino Control Commission

There are six divisions within the commission. These include administration, commissioner’s office, compliance, licensing, financial evaluation, and the general counsel’s office.

The administration office primarily deals with the day-to-day functions of the commission. The commissioner’s office is an area where the commissioners sit including the chairwoman. The compliance division reviews and investigates any issues that arise and ensures that all casinos are following the rules and regulations.

The licensing division reviews applicants for a gaming license and grants them where appropriate. The financial evaluation division handles the finances and budgets for the Casino Control Commission. Finally, the general counsel’s office is the legal portion of the commission; settling all law-related disputes.

The New Jersey Casino Control Commission protects the consumer from gaming organizations being involved in any wrongdoing on their gaming floor. It also grants licenses to new gaming applicants. This commission is in place to balance casino organizations and allow customers to enjoy themselves.